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Clubs and Activities

Class Trips

Whenever children are taken on a class trip, parents/guardians must give permission in writing before the child may participate. Because such trips are an educational experience, all children are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to broaden their educational skills.


At Holy Infancy School, our teachers strive to meet the academic needs of all our students. The goal of the enrichment program is to provide the student with opportunities to expand on the standard grade curriculum, as well as challenge those students to use and extend logic, creativity, problem-solving, and other academic skills.

We also bring events to our school from various community partners. We have had presentations/field trips to the following:

  • PBS39

  • Lehigh University Arts and Galleries (LUAG)

  • DaVinci Center

  • Banana Factory

  • Fairy Fox STEAM presentations

  • Crayola Factory

  • Please Touch Museum

  • Lehigh Valley Zoo

  • Liberty Science Center

  • Franklin Museum

  • Broadway – Hamilton

  • Zoellner Arts Center

  • Wildlands Conservatory

  • Washington, D.C.

Throughout the school year, Bonding Activities with our partner school Bethlehem Catholic High School are held for different grades. The following is a list of the activities/events and the general time of year they are held. 

1st Grade: Christmas Party – December

2nd Grade: Dr. Seuss Day (held at Holy Infancy School) – March

3rd Grade: Art & Music Day – November

4th Grade: Faith Sharing Day – March

5th Grade: Science Day – November

6th Grade: Field Day – May

7th Grade: Golden Hawk For A Day – April

8th Grade: Freshmen Orientation – May