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On behalf of our Holy Infancy School, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the valuable time and participation of all of our volunteers. Assistance is needed for various school activities and events. Your willingness to use your gifts and abilities strengthen the mission of our school and are an example of servant-leadership and giving. Please inquire at our main office about the many types of opportunities at Holy Infancy School such as lunch help, fundraisers, field trips, game nights, and others. At Holy Infancy School, keeping our children safe is our highest priority. For that reason, all our adult staff and volunteers follow the United States Conference of Bishop’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth. This Charter mandates that every Diocese implement Safe Environment Programs for all children and adults. In the Diocese of Allentown and our Catholic School, we follow the following guidelines to ensure the safety of our children.

Please contact Jennifer Velez in the Main Office 610-868-2621, ext 1300, and she will walk you through the process to get your clearances which will follow Diocesan requirements.


For all your time, effort, hard work, and prayers, please accept the sincere thanks and appreciation of this school, its leaders, and staff. Welcome to our Holy Infancy School family!